Yuri Nation

Yuri Nation is our debut cross-platform title. Join Yuri the dog in his quest to prove himself as he makes his way through 4 different campaigns, marking his territory and avoiding obstacles along the way. Learn more about Yuri Nation and make it a reality by joining us on Kickstarter.

Fast Pace Action

Race against the clock as you speed your way through the streets of Toon Town and mark as much territory as possible.

Crazy Obstacles

Watch out for squirrels, rabbits, skunks and even an evil snowman looking to distract you from your mission.

Gadgets Galore

Outfit Yuri with the latest gadgets and items to help him on his mission to get to the moon. Night vision goggles, hydration packs, flea collars and more.

The Story of Yuri

Last pick of his litter, Yuri was finally adopted by government men to embark on a mission to the moon.

Months of tests, conditioning, and training were all for naught when Yuri was replaced by K9-2000, a robotic dog.

Out on his own now, Yuri must prove that he is just as capable as K9-2000 to earn his chance to go to the moon.

Yuri (Our Hero)

Meet Yuri, the hero in our adventure. Trained by government men Yuri is determined to make it to the moon to leave his mark.

Gold the Fish

A close of friend of Yuri, Gold lives in the pond in Yuri's background. He always seems to be around when you need him most.


Trained Yuri from a pup to be a space dog but had to let go when K9-2000 arrived. Robotic technology isn't cute, but it sure is efficient.